Binaural Beats?

First discovered in 1839, Binaural Beats is the third frequency sound that is generated by frequency modulation,
the phenomenon of brainwave to equalize the difference in frequencies of the left and right ears.

For decades, numerous clinical studies have validated the effects of Binaural Beats on shortened sleep latency, mental and physical stability, and more efficient relaxation.

RBS Technology?

Our world's first RBS(Real-time Binaural Sound) Technology eliminates the repetitive and irritating sounds of existing ASMR and Binaural Beats products.

Neuro Beat's RBS utilizes user's choice of music itself to provoke frequency modulation by creating a certain difference in frequencies applied to both ears.
RBS can be experienced with both downloaded sound recordings and streaming services by Bluetooth connection to your phone.

Due to its effects on frequency modulation, RBS Technology is directly efficient only when wearing earphones.
As a result of Investigator Initiated Trials at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Neuro Beat's RBS Technology shows significant effects on sleep improvement.

Verified Effects of RBS Technology

In order to confirm the effectiveness of our World’s First RBS technology, we conducted clinical trials with the Department of Mental Health Medicine at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital.

As a result, the binaural beats music group via RBS Technology showed greater improvements in insomnia than the general music group.

RBS Technology also shows improvements in the difficulty in maintaining sleep.


Meet the unique features of Neuro Beat Mobile Application.

Sleep EEG measurement & analysis

Alpha Gear measures your EEG brain waves every night and displays the results as a sleep score.

Through its direct EEG measurements, you can now identify more accurate daily sleep scores and see how your sleep changes.

Customized sleep curation

Alpha Series monitor your life from activities to sleep day and night.

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