What are the main patents?

- Audio apparatus and method for inducing brain-wave using binaural beat (10-1611362)  

- Electro-acoustic transducing apparatus for healthcare (10-1598418)

- Audio apparatus for health care (10-1611362)  

What is RBS(Real-time Binaural Sound) Technology?

RBS Technology is based on Binaural Beats effects.  

It real-time converts user’s choice of music into Binaural Beats Sound to induce its effects.  

What is Binaural Beats?
Binaural Beats was first discovered by Dr. H.W. Dove in Germany in 1839 and developed by Dr. Gerald Oster of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in the U.S.A. in 1973. When frequencies of a sound are given differently to the left and right ears through earphones, for example of 200hz to the left and 210hz to the right, the brain recognizes a 10hz difference in frequencies then tries to equalize the frequencies by generating a third frequency sound which is Binaural Beats. The principle of Binaural Beats is to change the existing brain waves by resonating the nucleus of the brain stem then sending the signal to the cerebral cortex. There is various sleep-inducing music that uses this principle.
How does Alpha Gear measure EEG?

Alpha Gear is equipped with a low channel EEG sensor, which measures the user’s sleep EEG.  

Is there an age restriction?
Our products are safe for all ages to use.
What are the prices of the products?
Please leave your inquiry through our homepage Contact or simply call us at +82.31.441.9610 landline.
How long does it take to ship?
Domestic: 2~3 business days / International: 7~10 business days
Which operating system (OS) does Neuro Alpha App support?
Our Mobile Application currently supports Android only but is under development for iOS.
How can I operate RBS(Real-time Binaural Sound) Technology?

Earphones are necessary to operate RBS Technology.  

Connect to either wired or Bluetooth earphones then press the RBS button.

Any sound you play will automatically convert to RBS Technology.  

How does Alpha Series improve my sleep quality?

Alpha Series measure user’s sleep daily and collect sleep data on how our Binaural Beats Sound improves sleep quality.

Based on the collected data, Alpha Series identify user's sleep conditions and suggest solutions accordingly.

The longer you use our products, the more detailed and quality curation data will be available.

What are the differences compared to other products?

Various products use single tone frequency to utilize Binaural Beats.

Continuous use of such products can be boring, irritating and even unsustainable.

Neuro Beat eliminated these stimulating sound to allow users to experience Binaural Beats sound effects through any music of their choice.