Neuro Beat Alpha AI

Your one and only personalized sleep manager.
Meet Alpha AI, which not only recognizes your daily sleep but also offers a unique curation.

A set of Alpha AI, Alpha Gear, and Mobile Application.
Alpha AI will carefully analyze your sleep conditions every day through EEG measurement and provide customized curation accordingly.

Experience easy and smart sleep management
with Alpha AI

Meet Alpha AI and dramatically improve your quality of life.
You may now experience the best of all sleep care worldwide.

Mood lighting for ultimate rest

The mood lighting provides light therapy that is most suitable for sleep
and supports your more efficient rest.

Fabric finish

Its warm and sophisticated fabric finish naturally mixes
with the atmosphere of your bedroom.

Sleep EEG measurement

Alpha Gear measures then analyzes your sleep.
With our unique 8-index sleep analysis,
you can better understand your sleep stages
and see the results simply through our mobile application.
See how your sleep conditions improve with Neuro Beat!

Activity tracking

Alpha Series track all of your activities during awaken hours.
Analyze how your daytime activities affect your sleep overnight.

Customized curation

Based on your sleep and activity data,
Alpha Series track your daily life patterns and provide customized curation accordingly.
Your data is used only to provide unique sleep solutions and improve your quality of life.
Experience joyful changes with our curation solely customized for you.


Output power : 7W X 2CH
Aux out : 3.5 mm
Aux in : 3.5 mm
Channel : 4.1 CH
Bluetooth version : Bluetooth 4.2
Speaker : 8Ω 5W x 2 EA / 8Ω 15W x 1 EA
Weight : 2.6kg
Dimensions : 240(W) x 296(H) mm