Neuro Beat supports your healthier life.

We are born to help you easily manage your own healthier life through quality sleep.
Neuron + Binaural Beats
Neuro Beat came into the world through a meaningful combination of Neuron and Binaural Beats.
Neuro Beat was created with a purpose to improve user's quality of living through its unique technology of frequency modulation.
As a first step, we would like to introduce various healthcare speaker products to enhance the quality of sleep that is essential to better living.

Experience joyful changes in your life with our world's first RBS Technology.

Neuro Beat developed its world's first RBS Technology to support improvements in your sleep quality. The first step to a better life is sleep.
Our world's first RBS Technology delivers validated effects in shortening sleep latency and improving the quality of sleep.
In June 2018, Puck and Compact will launch in the global market, dedicating to increase the quality of sleep.
Experience complete rest with our exclusive RBS Technology.